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com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::ChunkChopper Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A singleton flyweight factory responsible for chopping the data up and sending it to the corresponding chunks(which are flyweights ala the flyweight pattern) for processing. This will sequentially read a 3ds file, load or skip chunks and subchunks and initialize the data for the chunks.

Retrieved data may be stored as state in the ChunkChopper via pushData for use by other chunks.

Features not supported; unknown chunks are skipped.

Definition at line 61 of file ChunkChopper.java.

Public Member Functions

void addBehaviorNode (Behavior behavior)
void addLightNode (Light light)
void addObject (String name, TransformGroup group)
void addViewGroup (TransformGroup viewGroup)
 ChunkChopper ()
Texture createTexture (String textureImageName)
void get (byte[] bytes)
ByteBuffer getByteBuffer (ReadableByteChannel channel, int channelSize) throws IOException
byte[] getChunkBytes ()
float getFloat ()
TransformGroup getGroup ()
Integer getID ()
int getInt ()
KeyFramer getKeyFramer ()
long getLong ()
Object getNamedObject (String key)
TransformGroup getNamedTransformGroup (String key)
String getObjectName ()
Point3f getPoint ()
int getShort ()
String getString ()
int getUnsignedByte ()
int getUnsignedInt ()
int getUnsignedShort ()
Vector3f getVector ()
boolean hasLights ()
synchronized SceneBase loadSceneBase (InputStream inputStream, Loader3DS loader, int modelSize)
Object popData (Object key)
void pushData (Object key, Object data)
void setDataMap (HashMap dataMap)
void setNamedObject (String key, Object value)
void setObjectName (String name)

Static Public Attributes

static boolean debug
static Chunk debugChunk

Protected Member Functions

void debug (Chunk parentChunk, int level, Integer chunkID, long chunkLength, int position, long limit)
void loadSubChunks (Chunk parentChunk, int level) throws CannotChopException

Private Member Functions

void exceptAndExit (Throwable exception)

Static Private Member Functions

static String byteString (int i)

Private Attributes

SceneBase base
ByteBuffer chunkBuffer
Integer chunkID
ChunkMap chunkMap = new ChunkMap(mainChunk)
ChunkTester chunkTester = new ChunkTester()
TransformGroup currentGroup
String currentObjectName
HashMap dataMap
KeyFramer keyFramer = new KeyFramer()
Loader3DS loader
Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(ChunkChopper.class.getName())
Chunk mainChunk = new Chunk("MainChunk")
BranchGroup sceneGroup

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