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com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::ChunkMap Class Reference

Inherits java::util::HashMap.

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Detailed Description

A Hashmap with the chunk names as values with keys being the chunk id.

Definition at line 59 of file ChunkMap.java.

Public Member Functions

 ChunkMap (Chunk mainChunk)
Chunk get (Integer chunkID)

Static Public Attributes

static final Integer AMBIENT_COLOR = new Integer((short)0xA010)
static final Integer ATTENUATED = new Integer((short)0x4625)
static final Integer BOUNDING_BOX = new Integer((short)0x0B014)
static final Integer CAMERA = new Integer((short)0x4700)
static final Integer COLOR = new Integer((short)0x0010)
static final Integer COORDINATE_AXES = new Integer((short)0x4160)
static final Integer DIFFUSE_COLOR = new Integer((short)0xA020)
static final Integer EDITOR = new Integer((short)0x3D3D)
static final Integer FACES_DESCRIPTION = new Integer((short)0x4120)
static final Integer FACES_MATERIAL = new Integer((short)0x4130)
static final Integer FRAMES_CHUNK = new Integer((short)0x0B008)
static final Integer HIERARCHY_INFO = new Integer((short)0xB030)
static final Integer KEYFRAMER = new Integer((short)0xB000)
static final Integer LIGHT = new Integer((short)0x4600)
static final Integer MATERIAL = new Integer((short)0xAFFF)
static final Integer MATERIAL_NAME = new Integer((short)0xA000)
static final Integer MESH = new Integer((short)0x4100)
static final Integer MESH_INFO = new Integer((short)0x0B002)
static final Integer MULTIPLIER = new Integer((short)0x465B)
static final Integer NAME_AND_FLAGS = new Integer((short)0xB010)
static final Integer NAMED_OBJECT = new Integer((short)0x4000)
static final Integer PIVOT = new Integer((short)0xB013)
static final Integer POSITION = new Integer((short)0xB020)
static final Integer RANGE_END = new Integer((short)0x465A)
static final Integer RANGE_START = new Integer((short)0x4659)
static final Integer ROTATION = new Integer((short)0xB021)
static final Integer SCALE = new Integer((short)0x100)
static final Integer SCALE_TRACK = new Integer((short)0xB022)
static final Integer SHININESS = new Integer((short)0xA040)
static final Integer SMOOTH = new Integer((short)0x4150)
static final Integer SPECULAR_COLOR = new Integer((short)0xA030)
static final Integer SPOT_LIGHT_INFO = new Integer((short)0x0B007)
static final Integer SPOTLIGHT = new Integer((short)0x4610)
static final int TEXBLUR = 0xA353
static final Integer TEXTURE = new Integer((short)0xA200)
static final Integer TEXTURE_COORDINATES = new Integer((short)0x4140)
static final Integer TEXTURE_NAME = new Integer((short)0xA300)
static final int TEXTURE_TILING = 0xA351
static final Integer TRANSPARENCY = new Integer((short)0xA050)
static final Integer TWO_SIDED = new Integer((short)0xA081)
static final Integer VERSION = new Integer((short)0x2)
static final Integer VERTEX_LIST = new Integer((short)0x4110)

Private Member Functions

void initializeDataMap ()

Private Attributes

Chunk mainChunk

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