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com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::Loader3DS Class Reference

Inherits com::sun::j3d::loaders::LoaderBase.

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Detailed Description

Used to load a 3ds studio max file. This will sequentially read a 3ds file, load or skip chunks and subchunks and initialize the data for the chunks. A ChunkChopper is a singleton flyweight factory responsible for chopping the data up and sending it to the corresponding chunks(which are flyweights ala the flyweight pattern) for processing.

Features not supported; unknown chunks are skipped.

Definition at line 55 of file Loader3DS.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean fromUrl ()
Image getTextureImage (String imageName)
Scene load (URL url) throws FileNotFoundException
Scene load (String modelPath) throws FileNotFoundException
Scene load (Reader reader) throws FileNotFoundException
void setBasePath (String pathName)
void setTextureImageLoader (TextureImageLoader loader)
void turnOnDebug ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void addDefaultLights (Group group)

Protected Member Functions

Scene parseChunks (InputStream inputStream, int modelSize)

Private Member Functions

File getFile (String fileName)
void setBasePathFromFilename (String fileName)
void setBaseUrlFromUrl (URL url) throws FileNotFoundException

Private Attributes

boolean dataMapInitialized
boolean debugMode
boolean fromUrl
TextureImageLoader textureImageLoader

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