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com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::chunks::ColorChunk Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::chunks::ColorChunk:

com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::chunks::Chunk com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::chunks::GlobalColorChunk

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Detailed Description

Loads colors from binary data representing them.

Definition at line 30 of file ColorChunk.java.

Public Member Functions

void addSubChunk (Integer id, Chunk subChunk)
final String getDescription ()
final String getName ()
Chunk getSubChunk (Integer id)
void initialize (ChunkChopper chopper)
void loadData (ChunkChopper chopper)
final void setDescription (String desc)
final void setName (String name)
String toString ()

Protected Member Functions

int getColorType (ChunkChopper chopper)

Protected Attributes

int currentColorType

Static Private Attributes

static final int BYTE_COLOR = 0x11
static final int BYTE_COLOR_GAMMA = 0x12
static final int FLOAT_COLOR = 0x10
static final int FLOAT_COLOR_GAMMA = 0x13

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