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com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::chunks::FacesDescriptionChunk Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::chunks::FacesDescriptionChunk:


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Detailed Description

This chunk describes all the triangles that make up a mesh. Each triangle is defined in terms of three indexes each of which is a point reference to a vertex in the vertex list loaded by the triangular mesh chunk. After loading the Smoothing chunk the normals for the mesh are generated accordingly.

Definition at line 51 of file FacesDescriptionChunk.java.

Public Member Functions

void addSubChunk (Integer id, Chunk subChunk)
Vector3f averageNormals (Vector3f[] normals)
final String getDescription ()
final String getName ()
Chunk getSubChunk (Integer id)
void initialize (ChunkChopper chopper)
void loadData (ChunkChopper chopper)
final void setDescription (String desc)
final void setName (String name)
Vector3f[] smoothNormals (Vector3f[] currentNormals, PointMapper sharedPoints, int[] smoothGroups)
String toString ()

Static Public Attributes

static final Appearance DEFAULT_APPEARANCE

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

Vector3f[] generateNormals (Point3f points[])

Private Attributes

Point3f[] currentVertices
PointMapper shareMap
TexCoord2f[] textureTriangles


class  PointMapper

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