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com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::chunks::FacesMaterialChunk Class Reference

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Detailed Description

FacesMaterialsChunk contains the materials information from the 3ds file. It contains information pertaining to which faces of a mesh have materials on them and the texture coordinates for texture mapping. Right now, its just putting the name of the material that needs to be applied to the mesh under construction.


Definition at line 36 of file FacesMaterialChunk.java.

Public Member Functions

void addSubChunk (Integer id, Chunk subChunk)
final String getDescription ()
final String getName ()
Chunk getSubChunk (Integer id)
void initialize (ChunkChopper chopper)
void loadData (ChunkChopper chopper)
final void setDescription (String desc)
final void setName (String name)
String toString ()

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