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com::microcrowd::loader::java3d::max3ds::data::KeyFramer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Josh DeFord

Definition at line 44 of file KeyFramer.java.

Public Member Functions

void addFather (int fatherID, TransformGroup newFather)
Behavior createBehavior (String meshName, Group transformGroup, Object testObject)
void growList (int index, List list)
boolean hasKeys ()
void makeTwoListsTheSameSize (List list1, List list2)
void setCoordinateSystem (String objectName, Transform3D coordinateSystem)
void setDummyObject (Group object)
void setID (int id)
void setOrientationKeys (List orientations)
void setPivot (Vector3f pivot)
void setPivotCenter (Point3f center)
void setPosition (Point3f position)
void setPositionKeys (List positions)
void setRotation (Quat4f rotation)
void setScale (Vector3f scale)
void setScaleKeys (List scaleKeys)

Private Member Functions

void addChildren (Enumeration children, Group group)
Group addGroups (Group parentGroup, Group[] groups)
TransformInterpolator buildInterpolator (TransformGroup targetGroup, Transform3D axisOfTransform)
TransformGroup buildKeysGroup ()
TransformGroup buildLocalCoordinates (Transform3D coordinateSystem)
TransformGroup buildPivotGroup (Transform3D coordinateTransform, Vector3f pivot)
Group getObjectByName (String objectName, Group objectGroup, Object testObject)
void insertFather (Group parentGroup, String objectName)
Enumeration removeChildren (Group group)
void translatePivot (Transform3D transform, Vector3f vector, Point3f offset)

Private Attributes

Group dummyObject
Group father
HashMap fatherMap = new HashMap()
Integer id
HashMap lastGroupMap = new HashMap()
HashMap namedObjectCoordinateSystems = new HashMap()
List orientationKeys
Vector3f pivot
Point3f pivotCenter
Point3f position
List positionKeys
Quat4f rotation
Vector3f scale
List scaleKeys

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